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2016 NFPA 76 Telecom Room Compartmentalization

Question asked by jsworks on Feb 19, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2020 by milt.werner

Would like to get 2 - hr rated Telecom (Lan) Rms' enclosure by way of Section 8.3: Compartmentalization, and Section 8.3 states: "The telecommunications facility shall be separated from other occupancies within the bldg by fire resistant construction which is commensurate with the exposure, but not less than 1 - hour."

Section 8.3.1 states: "The fire resistance rating of the assembly shall correspond to the highest rating of the separated areas."


The bldg I'm working with is 8 stories, office occupany, non-combustible const., and sprinklered thru-out. Therefore no rating is reqd in any of the interior spaces & corridors. The exceptions are the Elec Rms which are 1 - hr rated, and the egress stairs and elevator shafts are rated as 2 - hr construction. A sprinklered Lan Rm would be located on each flr. 


Would like to hear comments regarding using the 2 - hr rated egress stairs & elevator shafts as areas having the highest rating of the separated areas, so that the Lan Rms would also have the 2 - hr rated const.