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Can Window Sprinklers be used for Proscenium Water-Curtains?

Question asked by ftorres on Feb 24, 2020
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Can Window Sprinklers be used for Water Curtains for Proscenium Openings?


According to NFPA 101-2018, the proscenium opening shall be protected by a listed fire curtain or an approved water curtain complying with NFPA 13.


In the case of the water-curtain, a deluge system should be used. But the conventional nozzles, create a water-cone that extent widely into the stage and the audience area. (consider the nozzles installed at 36 ft height)


"Window sprinklers" provide an plain deluge water-curtain, that can fit properly in this case. So, can window sprinklers be used in this Special Case? 


Thank you for your support.