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NEC 625 to include off road type lead acid vehicles charging systems

Question asked by david.heiliger on Feb 26, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2020 by chiefns830

The NEC does not have an article like 625 (electric vehicle charging system) that applies to off-road vehicles, such as electric fork-lifts and golf carts, etc. 625.2 Definitions for electric vehicle, is defined for an on-road type vehicle only. Most modern electric cars are now only ION battery type, which does not require ventilation requirement as NEC 625.50 (B).

I’m reviewing a cold storage warehouse with a building that has 52 (208V/30 amp/ 3ph) charging systems.  

NEC 625 article seems to be obsolete with the new battery types for on-road electric vehicles with ION type batteries.

I have not found another article that will fit the requirement needed for large indoor multiple charging stations for electric vehicles as in NEC 625.

It’s possible that NEC 625 should be amended, at the next code cycle to include off road lead-acid charging systems for commercial buildings facilities with a multiple indoor charging systems.