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NFPA 101 - 2018, Chapter 32: Cross-corridor doors

Question asked by mpednault on Feb 27, 2020
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Within NFPA 101 - 2018 edition, under Chapter 32 for a New Residential Board and Care facility, subsection there is to be two Smoke Compartment's per floor (of 22,500sf or less).  It goes on to describe the provisions pertaining to doors within the Smoke Barrier that separates the Smoke Compartments.  The following subsections pertain to cross-corridor doors that I'm inquiring about:


"A.  Smoke barrier doors are intended to provide access to adjacent zones.  The pair of cross-corridor doors are required to be opposite swinging.  Access to both zones is required. Cross-corridor openings in smoke barriers shall be protected by a pair of swinging doors or a horizontal sliding door complying with Swinging doors shall be arranged so that each door swings in a direction opposite from the other."


Of note is that none of the subsections in mention doors sizing...

However, in the Means of Egress subsection "  Door openings in means of egress shall be not less than 32 in. in clear width, except under any of the following conditions:

   (1) Where a pair of door leaves is provided, one door leaf shall provide not less than a 32 in. clear width opening."


So, if I'm interpreting the code correctly, cross-corridor doors in a smoke barrier separating a smoke compartment could be made up of opposing swing doors having a 36" wide door leaf and a 24" wide door leaf.  Correct?