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Question about a 500 m. long 15 % slope escapeway

Question asked by jsansinenea on Feb 26, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2020 by milt.werner

Hi to everyone,


I am participating in a civic group that is confronting a public Administration backed project involving the construction of a mostly underground running city train. The project, said to be fully compliant (100%) with the NFPA 130, envisages the construction of a single escapeway in a 2 km underground tunnel stretch (NFPA 130 asks for one exit every 2500 feet or 762 m.) and that scapeway is designed to have a 500 m. length, 15 % slope and 400 steps (all underground, with no access for vehicles, the escape has to be made on foot). I would thank any comments on the characteristics of this scapeway from the point of view of evacuation safety as set by NFPA standards, as well as indications about where can I find the necessary NFPA material (NFPA standard no.) to examine the safety level of this proposed escapeway.