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Is the Medical-surgical vacuum inlet flow requirement stated @ STP conditions, i.e. 0 inHgV?

Question asked by on Feb 27, 2020 states Medical–surgical vacuum inlets shall draw 85 Nl/min (3 SCFM) without reducing the vacuum pressure below 300 mm (12 in.) gauge HgV at any adjacent station inlet. 


Table 5.1.11 Standard Designation Colors and Operating Pressures for Gas and Vacuum Systems, states that standard vacuum is 15 inHgV to 30inHgV. 


Does requirement  state that 3 SCFM is required @ 0 inHgV? An outlet would be required to supply 5 ACFM @ 12 inHgV, and 8 ACFM @ 19 inHgV (for example) to meet 3 SCFM @ 0 inHgV?