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Classroom Training - Is it Instructor Led, live Interaction?

Question asked by rreyes on Feb 28, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 29, 2020 by rcramereleceng

Section 110.1 (A) item 4: Type of Training states: "The Training required shall be classroom, on the job or the combination of the two"  My question what is the definition of "classroom". 

Does "classroom" means Instructor Led training with a real person and interactive ? Or does it mean that student sit in a room and watch web based training on computers or live streamed remotely via a monitor or possibly a bunch of technicians watching "virtual" training in a conference room or just plain in a computer? 


My company management wants to implement web based electrical safety training and avoid sending all technicians for the three year refresher class which is taught by a live person


Any thoughts or input will help