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Please suggest Fire Detection and Protection Facility required for Paint Manufacting Plant

Question asked by pulak on Mar 3, 2020
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Resin based and Solvent based Paints are proposed to be manufactured in a new facility. Plant will be manufacturing Alkyd Resins, Polyester Resins, Epoxy Resins and others. There will be segregated storage for Incoming Raw materials in bulk packings  and Finished products in sealed containers. Finished products will be Decorative products for Residential buildings, Industrial Paints and Automobile paints.

Since the  hazards are related to Flammable liquids and Resins in granular and powder form and shed are high, we propose to use Linear heat detection system instead of spot type Smoke Detectors mounted on Roof. PLEASE COMMENT. 

ALSO. Protection system instead of simple Water based Sprinkler system, Foam Sprinkler System is proposed.

Any suggestion for Water Mist in some of the confined area?

Dr. Pulak De