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Medium Expansion Foam Generator

Question asked by pulak on Mar 3, 2020
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This query is related use of Medium Expansion Foam Generators as specified in NFPA 11 for protection from spill fires inside dyke area of large Floating Roof Tank. NFPA 11 specifies  Medium Expansion Foam to have a range of  Expansion Ratio: 20 -200  and High Expansion Foam as 200 to 1000. Ref A.3.3.10

It is understood from Foam Equipment Manufacturers that  MX generators give expansion up to 40:1  with standard 3% AFFF concentrate and with High Expansion foam up to 200

Q.1 Is MX generator recommended only for a small spill fire near the manifold or even for total spill inside dyke?

Q.2 Is there any manufacturer who can offer 400:1 Expansion as demanded by a Consultant to cover the entire dyke area.

Dr Pulak De