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LN2 Storage Room - Mech Exhaust Shutdown

Question asked by twright00 on Mar 12, 2020

Section 6.17 of NFPA 55 (2020 edition) requires mechanical exhaust ventilation for indoor storage and use areas and storage buildings for compressed gases and cryogenic fluids. Subsection requires shutoff controls, where a manual shutoff switch located outside the room in a position adjacent to the principal access door would shutdown ventilation and have a label stating “WARNING: VENTILATION SYSTEM EMERGENCY SHUTOFF”. We assume this would shutdown mechanical exhaust system serving the room? Why is there a requirement for a switch to shut down exhaust to a room such as an LN2 storage room? If there was a significant leak or spill should not the exhaust remain operating in order to purge/contain the room. Please clarify intent. #nfpa55 #LN2Storage