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Help needed in research of an eco-friendly extinguishing agent.

Question asked by hary_stefanov on Mar 23, 2020
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Hello dear community!


I've come here in a quest to at least lay the basis of a future research on the topic of eco-friendly firefighting foams. As you all know the typical types of firefighting foams are AFFF, FFFP, P, S, AR and so on meaning they range from protein based to fluoride and Perfluorooctanesulfonic based ones which are in general really toxic and bad for the environment - meaning that they tend to be used as little as possible in order to decrease the risk of contamination of soil, water, plants and animals/humans alike.


A little more about my background: I am from EU and am studying for a firefighter. We have 4 years of education (Bachelor's degree), which concludes with a diploma work. For it to be of value, I plan to propose to a chemical engineer to pair up on a project to research the usage of standard soap-making materials in our case a used up palm oil or sunflower seed oil (from places like McD's or whatever) with potassium hydroxide to form a sort of home-made liquid eco-friendly soap that can be loaded on a standard fire-engine truck.


My question here is can you propose to me some ingredients that will- stabilize the liquid (make it with relatively smooth consistency and some-what low viscosity) and also will help with forming of stable surface of bubbles? Also, I will greatly appreciate if you can include some information about ingredients that will help to reduce the surface tension of the water? It will be of great help if the ingredients are relatively cheap and easy to find as I would have to make at least 40-50 liters of maybe 3-4 different batches in order to get a valuable result from the research.


One other thing, which is kind of new and unique and got my attention was the fire retardant gel. I have access to a PhD thesis of one guy, who borrowed some of the used materials. It will be much appreciated if you can pass some knowlege on this stuff, like have you seen any usage of it, is it worth the investment and more importantly, can it be a good substitute for AFFF/FFFP.


Thank you very much in advance !