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High Pressure Standpipe Main

Question asked by jpotvin on Mar 23, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2020 by maasaicontracting

My scenario is below:

  • 50 story condo-all concrete and steel
  • 2 fire pumps in parallel on ground level
  • 2 stairwells-both have floor control assemblies, 1 stairwell is for redundancy with all the valves and such.
  • the design shows a high pressure (HP) standpipe (SP) main in the same stairwell as the regular standpipe feeding all the floors.  This 6" HP SP has a floor control assembly at the top floor and is connected to the same drain as the regular SP.
  • the regular SP is a low pressure zone


My question is why the 6" HP standpipe?  What purpose does it fill?  

We do have PRV's higher up in the building as well.


If someone could explain to me in detail why this is a feature, I would greatly appreciate it.  It is good to learn new things.


Thanks in advance.