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Horizontal Fire Curtain (State of Florida)

Question asked by ktw_ufl on Mar 24, 2020
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We are renovating a mixed use R-2 & B Existing Residence Hall.  Building is Fully sprinklered and Type IIB Construction.  A remodel of the two-story central space(Levels Ground & 1) which connects four residential towers (Levels 1-4) is in scope.  Floor to floor separation is 1HR.  Residential tower wings are isolated from the two-story community connector spaces via fire rated doors and walls.  We proposed cutting three side by side openings (~7'-6" x 12'-0" ea) at the existing level 1 slab.  This will bring in natural daylight to the ground level multi-purpose space via three new skylights at roof level.


A bi-parting horizontal fire curtain (2HR) is specified at the three new side by side slab openings at level 1, openings are separated by 18" wide concrete beams.  The specified horizontal fire curtain carries the following certifications: UL864 / UL10 B / UL 10 D / UL 10 C / NFPA 252 / UL1784 / ASTME 84 / OSHPD CA; Certificate / CAL Fire Listing.  The State of Florida presently enforces NFPA 101 (2015), NFPA 80 (2013) & NFPA 288 (2012).


I'm having a hard time referencing (pointing to) where in the above listed codes permits a horizontal fire curtain assembly.  NFPA 80 (2016 edition) includes this language in Ch. 21.  Can someone shed light one what chapter or section denotes a horizontal fire curtain is permissible in maintaining the required 1HR floor to floor separation?



Greatly Appreciated and Hope all is Well in these times.