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NFPA chapter 15? What does it mean?

Question asked by seashift on Mar 31, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2020 by seashift

I have a question about one of the most mysterious codes of all apparently. NFPA 1 chapter 15. Now it seems pretty straight forward but, why does anyone I ask give me a blank stare and say huh. And one answer I was given was that no one does Fire Dept Concurrency Reviews anymore. And that was from a person that just gave me one.


Section 15.1.1 is the provision that the Fire Dept must be allowed to review a proposed development plan so it can see if the development will over burden the FD's capabilities. Seems logical. If the Development is so large that it might over burden the FD's capabilities, then the development needs to put in infrastructure to assist in helping the FD cope with the new development, like hydrants and access roads. That's kind of the gest of the whole thing, or am I missing something?

Now we all know that a blanket policy, rule or law usually is not a good thing. Do you want to make someone put in over 100K dollars of infrastructure for a 2 lot split form one parcel? Probably not. 

So I'm guessing that is why Section of the code is in there. The less than 1% criteria is in there to exempt smaller developments from being burdened by extraordinary cost.


So, does that mean that if the development meets the less than 1% criteria for building sqft or population and is exempt from the FD review, is it exempt from the requirements of NFPA 1. 


If the development shall not be subject to the FD review, how can the FD enforce the code? Curios minds want to know.