Water Slides, Rides and Attractions Building

Discussion created by hamad.koroni on Apr 11, 2020
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A building consists of G+4 and is mainly used for water slides, rides and attractions purpose. The ground floor consists of entrance, showers, lockers & changing rooms, toilets, small retail shop and ice cream shop. The first, second, third and fourth floors are kind of deck and provides access to multiple activities of water slides, rides and attractions. The floor areas are 750 m2, 600 m2, 450 m2 and 350 m2 accordingly.

  1. What suitable occupancy classification shall be considered for those top four floors?
  2. What occupant load factor shall be considered for those top four floors?
  3. Any special consideration shall be taken due to amount of those combustible slides & ride materials wrapping/ surrounding the building structure?

Would much appreciate your advice. milt.werner