Fire Service Intelligence Survey

Discussion created by phillipsdd on Apr 13, 2020

Good day, Fire Service Colleagues:

My name is Derrick Phillips. I am a Battalion Chief with the St. Louis Fire Department with responsibilities for training and homeland security. As a Master's candidate at the Naval Postgraduate School, I am working on a thesis to address intelligence gaps in the fire service. More specifically, my thesis aims to ensure fire service agencies receive intelligence and information. Additionally, I plan to create an operational guide to ensure fire service agencies understand how to use intelligence to inform strategic, operational, and tactical decision making. 

In order for this to be a success and to ensure that every aspect of the fire service is covered, I am asking you to complete this brief survey. The survey includes basic demographic and twelve open-ended intelligence-related questions. My hope is to gain insight from every level and every type of fire service organization. This survey does not capture any personally identifiable information, so there are no worries about the information getting back to your respective organizations. Please follow the link below to complete the brief survey.