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Temporary healthcare facilities/COVID-19

Question asked by mfarrelliii on Apr 11, 2020
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Temporary healthcare facilities and the CMS.

Many jurisdictions are being approached regarding setting up a temporary health care facility at an alternative location such as a hotel, arena or convention center. In the discussions with designers and contractors it is being suggested that the 'temporary' nature of the facility relieves them of complying with the requirements found in NFPA standards such as NFPA 101, NFPA 70 ie.. the NEC in particular Article 517, and  NFPA 99 to name just a few. I have searched the web for any directives from the state or federal level that provide relief from providing the safety requirements that are mandated for such installations but have found none. The designers indicate that this has already been done in cities across the nation. Some of the suggestions are to use SO/SJO cable to feed 'patient care' receptacles with no compliance with NEC 517.13(A) and (B) (redundant grounding) and eliminating the use of 'hospital grade' receptacles as required for Category 2 and 3 patient care areas. Are other areas and jurisdictions experiencing similar design requests?

Has the safety net for 'persons not capable of self preservation' been rescinded by the events of COVID-19 and a federal directive?

Michael J Farrell CMP3 NFPA70