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Question asked by zhangya on May 5, 2020

I am a chinese fire fighting engineer, as the more and moer deeper for studying  NFPA standard, in think there are some advantages than other standard, such as, it is more international, its expalanation is much enrich and reasonable. An idea come up in my mind, can I translate the NFPA standard to chinese and aduit them by the professional fire fighting engineer, so as to make more chineses to kown the spirit for fire fighting technology and let more chinese people familar with the NFPA standards, futhermore, more and more people will join in the NFPA association!

    So, i plan to built a website to introduce the NFPA standard, shall me  need to get the NFPA official permit if i want to  some standard content on it?

   How can i to cooperate with NFPA officials for this idea if possible, does anyone have some ideas regarding this point, thanks a lot!