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Arched/ Curved Ceiling in Storage

Question asked by asfianishat on May 5, 2020
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Arched/ Curved Ceiling in Storage


Hi. We have to design sprinklers for a baby diapers warehouse. This is commodity class group A plastic un expanded as per NFPA. The ceiling of the warehouse is arched/ curved. It has diaphragms  It is like a saw toothed ceiling, but the triangular shape of the saw is a curve.  Height of the WH from ceiling apex is 48 ft.

NFPA 13 editions from 2013 to 2019 does not describe such ceiling. Should I follow the sloped ceiling rules or ceiling pockets rules?


If I follow sloped ceiling, then the resulting slope is much more than 16.7%. If I follow ceiling pocket, the depth of the pocket is more than 36 inch. The depth of this arched roof is 8 ft 7 inch.