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means of egress from A3 auditorium balcony

Question asked by bdokova on May 8, 2020
Latest reply on May 11, 2020 by milt.werner

Sprinklered A-3 church, new

Is the exit access from the balcony, 2nd floor O.K. as shown: thru the 2 open stairs #1 & #2 discharging in the auditorium 1st fl?

Is the means of egress from the balcony thru the Waiting area down  stair #3 O.K.?

Do I need to provide independent travel paths from the balcony to the outside as per with OL exceeding 100 shall be treated as a separate floor w/ regard to the # of means of egress as per 7.4?

Is the means of egress from the Waiting area 2nd fl  thru Stair #3 and  the balcony stairs #1 and #2 O.K.?(can the exit access pass thru the balcony or another independent means of egress is required?

Do I need to provide additional exit from the waiting area 2nd fl which does not pass thru the balcony?