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Structural Design of Remote Communications Facilities

Question asked by ewaterman on May 12, 2020

Reference NFPA 1221 Section 4.10 Remote Communications Facilities, sub section* Where the building that houses a remote communications
facility is located within 150 ft (46 m) of the potential
collapse zone of a taller structure, the roof shall be designed to
resist damage from collapse of the exposing structure.

How do you quantify "designed to resist damage"? Remote communications facilities are commonly located adjacent to communication tower structures that are often in excess of 100' in height.  Is the purpose of this requirement to protect the electronics housed in the facility? If there is a catastrophic failure of the tower structure all antenna are down and the Tx & Rx capabilities of the communications system at the facility are lost.  This scenario begs the question: what's the purpose of this requirement?