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NFPA 101 Section 9.4.7

Question asked by bgallupvt on May 13, 2020
Latest reply on May 14, 2020 by milt.werner

NFPA 101 Section 9.4.7 does not mention either vertical or inclined platform lifts.  See specific 9.4.7 language below:


NFPA 101 Section 9.4.7  Openings to Exit Enclosurers.  Conveyors, elevators, dumbwaiters, and pneumatic conveyors serving various stories of a building shall not open to an exit enclosure.


A plan review official is applying Section 9.4.7 to our proposed addition of a new 2 story exit stair tower with vertical lift.


Am I correct in saying that NFPA 101 Section 9.4.7 does not apply to our project given that a platform lift is different from either  conveyors, elevators, dumbwaiters, and pneumatic conveyors