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What are listing report and listing organization?

Question asked by zhangya on May 21, 2020

Dear, everyone, when I reviewed the NFPA 2001 chapter 9, I am confused about the listing report and listing organizations, dose anyone can explain for this question? Thanks a lot!


9.12 Approval of Installations.

Prior to acceptance of the system, technical documentation, such as the system design manual, test reports, or the listing report, shall be presented to the authority having jurisdiction. This documentation shall show that the system and its individual components are compatible, employed within tested limitations, and suitable for marine use.

9.12.1 The listing organization shall perform the following


(1) Verify that fire tests were conducted in accordance with a predetermined standard

(2) Verify that component tests were conducted in accordance with a predetermined standard

(3) Review the component quality assurance program

(4) Review the design and installation manual

(5) Identify system and component limitations

(6) Verify flow calculations

(7) Verify the integrity and the reliability of system as a whole

(8) Have a follow-up program

(9) Publish a list of equipment