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Selection of k factor for sprinkler and water demand

Question asked by manojdagarwal on May 25, 2020

Hi. My question is regarding Sprinkler K Factor selection.


Can we go with pendent sprinkler of K-5.6 for a small storage of 25 x 20m in a commercial building where material like electric meter and other electircal items will be stored.


Store height is 7.5m and storage will be upto 6.5-7.0 m

there are only 2-3 small racks.


i have considered area in high hazard due to high height and cosidered the design density of 12.5 lpm/min/m2 as per local indian standard norms. AMAO is considered as 260m2

total water demand considering as = 260*12.5 = 3250 lpm.

area coverage per sprinkler is 9m2 considered

water required per sprinkler would be 12.5*9 = 112.5 lpm

if i go with k-5.6 and considering pressure at farthest sprinkler as 2 bar then i get water flow as 111 lpm .


Request expertise to comment/feedback on this.


Its a wet sprinkler system in india.