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Does a UPS (supporting computer and telemetry) in a patient care room but outside the patient care vicinity need UL 1363 approval?

Question asked by thomas.crozier on May 21, 2020
Latest reply on May 29, 2020 by stevenhirsch

I am an electrician at a VA health care facility. I was recently tasked with doing a Relocatable Power Tap (RPT) audit of all of our patient care rooms. I understand that the area within 6 feet of where the patient receives care the RPT has specific requirements for the type of RPT and the equipment it can support. My question is specific to the area outside of the patient care vicinity. According to an article I found, the Joint Commission has a requirement for RPT's within patient care rooms outside of the patient care vicinity to have a UL1363 rating. The instances at my facility where there are RPT's in a patient care room but outside of the patient care vicinity they are supporting computer equipment. My thought is that if I'm going to get under these desks no matter what, why not install UPS's that will provide short term battery back up long enough for back up generators to restore power? This will eliminate loss of documentation that is being worked on at the time of temporary power loss. My concern is that the UPS's I intend to install look exactly like RPT's but they have battery back up. Would my UPS's need to have the same UL listing as the RPT's intended for the same location?