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Relocatable Power Tap or Additional Outlet

Question asked by sub3marathonman on May 28, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2020 by rcramereleceng

Hoping to hear some opinions about the dilemma.


Situation:  A home entertainment center, which now has an uninterruptible power supply.  The UPS is currently plugged into an outlet, definitely acceptable.  However, on occasion I want to move the UPS to a different location.  These occasions are very rare, until now not every 90 days.  When I want to move the UPS, it requires moving the very heavy entertainment center, which even moving once a year is difficult.


So, the question is, can I use a Relocatable Power Tap, in order to make moving the UPS more convenient?  I don't want to install another outlet in the location where it would be convenient to plug the UPS directly into, as at some point I might change the furniture.  If it is an interesting detail, the entertainment center did originally come with an installed RPT, but I want to use a different RPT.  The UPS is movable, but as has been mentioned, not planned on moving every 90 days.  This is a residence though, so I don't know if the 90 day OSHA rule would apply.


A bit of a tangential question, can you install an additional outlet in the living room from the bedroom branch?  I've tried to research this, in a way I'd think it is a poor idea as the breaker for the living room wouldn't turn off all living room outlets, but it would also be a way of using two different branch circuits for the greater electrical loads of the living room.  I know you can't do another outlet to a different room from a bathroom circuit, but I've not seen the room to room prohibited.