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Is there any requirement in NFPA 72 to provide a layout drawing next to the FACU?

Question asked by abid_haider on Jun 9, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2020 by mlaurence

Hi..I am currently working on a project for school buildings and the AHJ here is requesting that I provide layouts for drawings right next to the FACU. Now normally thats not really a problem. But the issue that I'm facing here is that they want it to be placed inside a glass frame and put right next to it. We have already provided laminated drawings next to the FACU as per our discussion with the Fire Related personnel from the AHJ side and they had suggested the use of laminated drawings.


Can someone please let me know if this is actually a requirement or is it possible to waive the whole thing of placing it inside a glass frame. 


I need to confirm this as I've already searched through NFPA 72 and did not find any such requirement. But would still be better to have a second or third opinion on the subject to get a clearer view.