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NFPA 13 Section 23.8 - Clarification Please

Question asked by on Jun 12, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2020 by cdafd

Hi, hoping someone can provide a bit of clarity or direction here on NFPA 13 Section 23.8.


I'm reading the 'Handbook' version of 13 (which I highly recommend) and both the blue commentary text and the 'Designer's Corner' discuss an increase from 12 to 20 sprinkler heads for 'Laced Tire Arrays'.


The notes associated with the table, and specifically note 'C' also refer to an increased number of heads from 12 to 20, however this is only applicable (as per the table) for the third row, which includes a laced tire storage configuration. 


Table 23.8 however provides protection options for Laced Tire configurations in the last two rows using K25.2 (K360) heads but only requiring 12 sprinkler heads operating as opposed to the 20 discussed elsewhere in the Handbook version. 


The question is, is it the intention that the K25.2 options only require 12 heads, or should these also be increased to 20?


If someone picks up the standard version of NFPA 13 rather than the Handbook, I guess they may default to the 12 head design per Table 23.8; do the different versions contradict one another here, is this an error, or am I missing something completely obvious?


Any constructive advice / direction or even just discussion around this topic would be appreciated (it's the best way to learn!).