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Quick Response sprinklers in Residential Occupancies

Question asked by captkwd on Jun 14, 2020
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Regarding Residential Occupancies and per NFPA Codes/Standards... Can UL-199 Listed QR sprinkler heads be used in dwelling or sleeping areas that have a NFPA 13 sprinkler system, such as a high-rise apartment, despite not being Listed for Residential use?



NFPA allows for either Quick Response (QR) or Residential (Res) sprinkler heads to be used in Dwelling or Sleeping areas in accordance with NFPA 101.

NFPA 1 and all Standards state that equipment "...shall be installed and used...(per) the manufacturer' instructions."

NFPA 13D requires Res heads in Section 7.5.1, with some exceptions.

NFPA 13R Section requires Res heads unless Section is met for a compartment.

NFPA 13 Chapter 12 et al allows for the use of either QR or Res heads, but never requires the use of only Res heads.

The IBC Section 903.3.2 requires that Quick Response (QR) or Residential sprinklers be used in "...the following areas...", one of which is R Occupancies. It ends the section with "...and their Listings."

This is often read to mean that either QR or Res sprinklers can be used in the four bulleted circumstances however this needs to be in accordance with the sprinkler heads listing(s). QR heads are not listed for residential purposes.