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Rope Rescue safety factor question

Question asked by rgrogean on Jun 18, 2020


   I have a question regarding Rope Rescue.  Does NFPA recommend a certain safety factor with ropes?  IE: 15:1 safety factor?  I have heard many opinions on this topic lately and am looking for the most up to date/accurate information to teach on this subject matter. From reading NFPA1983, it seems like this was something that was in the 1995 edition or prior? I have always been in the mindset of knowing a systems MBS and understanding the forces applied to the components of your system.

Does NFPA still look at and use the 15:1 SF or a 10:1 SF?  as well as looking at one person=300lbs and 2=600lbs for a general number?  Or is this just apart of our Technical Rescue history now? 

Does NFPA recommend a main and belay line be set up on all high angle rope rescues?  Or can some of these newer devices with the variety of safety's and back ups built in to them count as a "belay line" to save on personnel?  I know that each incident/situation is different and requires a certain system.  Just curious if there are any rules on this or if that is solely on the AHJ?

Any information on this subject matter is appreciated.  Thank you