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Storage tank buildings

Question asked by jcabrera on Jun 24, 2020
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To whom it may concern:


I am hoping that you are fine. My name is Jorge Cabrera and I work as an engineer in a public entity of Chile regarding electricity and fuel industry. I express the following some doubts about the Chapter 24 “Storage tank buildings” on the code NFPA 30, 2018 Edition: Mainly I want to know if the buildings indicated in this title should be dedicated or exclusive buildings for the storage tanks or if is possible to install tanks in buildings that also carry out industrial, office or housing activities. For example, Is it possible to install a tank in the basement of a building for residential use?


The second doubt corresponds to the situation of installing a generation set (tank + generator) both are inside a building, so Does apply the Chapter 24 of NFPA 30 in this situation or does another code apply?


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Jorge Cabrera F.