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Miscellaneous storage NFPA 13:2019

Question asked by sdk on Jul 13, 2020

Dear all.

I am confused about miscellaneous storage in NFPA 13:2019. For example: For OH2, article 4.3.4 states that I can have "stockpiles of moderate to high combustibility that do not exeed 12ft". It does not give any further restriction about eg. area of stockpiles. From this I conclude that, as long as the combustibility is not "very high", I can store as many stockpiles of 12 ft in my OH2 occupancy.


The above seems to agree with table concerning misc. storage. This table allows class II/III storage up to 12 ft m for OH2. Also class IV is allowed for OH2, as long as it's not rack of b2b shelf storage.

But, misc. storage does have constrictions concerning stockpile area etc.


Now, say we have an OH2 occupancy with non-rack class II/III/IV storage up to 12ft m. Do the misc. storage restrictions go for this or not? I would say non-rack class II/III/IV is within "moderate to high combustibility" so within the definition of OH2 and so I wouldn't need to care about the misc. storage restrictions.


If my conclusion is not correct, then how should I read the 12 ft allowance in article 4.3.4?