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Electrical Equipment Bldgs + Sprinklers required???

Question asked by sriley123 on Jul 14, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2020 by chris.butts

I need some clarity on the subject of sprinkler requirements for Electrical Equipment Rooms.  

NFPA 13 Section 9.2.6: 

Sprinklers shall not be required in electrical equipment rooms where all the following conditions are met:

(1) The room is dedicated to electrical equipment only.

(2) Only dry-type or liquid-type with listed K-class fluid electrical equipment is used.

(3) Equipment is installed in a 2-hour fire-rated enclosure including protection for penetrations.

(4) Storage is not permitted in the room.


Does this mean that all electrical equipment rooms must either be sprinkled or comply with Section 9.2.6?  I have searched for better definitions of electrical equipment rooms but have found none.  In the cases I am reviewing, the bldg is built specifically to house electrical switchgear (Medium Voltage and Low Voltage), MCCs, Panelboards, PLC control panels, UPS units, DCS panels, computers, etc.  And these spaces are dedicated to this type electrical and control system equipment.


One authority advised that fire protection for these type bldgs is regulated by state bldg codes and that the state of GA does not require these type bldgs to be sprinkled or otherwise comply with NFPA 13 Section 9.2.6 due to their size.  Any advice?