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Ceiling Void - Part of Light Hazard

Question asked by babu on Jul 17, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2020 by babu

Dear NFPA Staff,


I understood that NFPA 13 has required quick-response type sprinkler systems in light-hazard occupancy


In a light hazard occupancy, ceiling void (false ceiling) seems more than 800 mm in height with MEP services (HVAC duct, electric cables, cable tray, plumbing pipes etc). I am looking forward to getting clarification on the following:


1) At ceiling void (false ceiling), what type of sprinkler needs to be considered? Quick Response or Standard Response?


2) What is the occupancy classification of ceiling void (false ceiling)? Light Hazard or Ordinary Hazard?


Kindly advise on above points.