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NFPA-37. Maximum allowable Fuel Storage inside The Building

Question asked by rath on Jul 19, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2020 by milt.werner

I have some doubt regarding the Fuel storage tank within the building.


In one of the project in the basement level 3, we have  diesel fuel day tanks for the generators as below (Also drawing attached below):


  1. Day Tank 1- 2000 Ltr (528 Gallon)
  2. Day Tank 2 – 3600 ltr (952 Gallon)
  3. Day Tank 3 – 3600 ltr (952 Gallon)
  4. Day Tank 4- 2000 Ltr (528 Gallon)



As above tanks are kept along with the diesel generator room without dedicated room.


Apart from this we have one more BULK tank to supply all the above day tanks which is having capacity of 16000 Ltr. (4228 Gallon) The bulk tank is kept in a dedicated room in the same level basement 3.


Please find attached  Drawing.



Please confirm does this arrangement complies to NFPA-37 and other life safety codes? If not then what changes are required?