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Cargo train covered loading bay Sprinkler Protection criteria

Question asked by ovicente on Jul 20, 2020
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I am currently designing a sprinkler system for a train distribution hub, said building has a covered loading bay where a train loads and unloads commodities and stores on an attached warehouse.


The loading bay  is a closed area with a ceiling is 15.6 meters high ( 51.2 ft) where trains are loaded and unloaded  over a period of days. This means that there are incidental storage in this area and, due to the height of the ceiling there is no criteria to design a sprinkler system for storage under the NFPA 13 code.


To resolve this issue, I´ve analysed FM datasheets 3-26 which classifies it as a " cross docking and or package delivery distribution hub "and assigned it as a HC-3 hazzard. 


Incidental Storage was among the factors considered in the risk analysis for this area, according to  FM Datasheet 3-26 item 2.3.2 Incidental Storage if the storage does not exceed either 3 mts (9,84 ft) in height and 20 m2(9,84 sqft).
We assume that storage height will not exceed 3 mts(9,84 ft) but the area it will ; therefore we take into consideration  FM Datasheet 3-26 item 2.3.3 Low Piled Storage where it is determined the specific protection of this area, considering storage over 20 m2(9,84 sqft).
Therefore, in accordance  to  FM Datasheet 3-26 Table 3 for commodity type 3 with a ceiling under 18 mts(59 ft),  Extended Coverage K =360 QR sprinklers can be installed. The design specifies a minimum of  6 sprinklers operating at 3.5 bar (51 psi).

My question is:


Provided that there is no classification under the NFPA 13 code , does a FM classification suffice and/or exceeds the requirements of NFPA in this case?


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