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Fire Alarm Self Storage Building

Question asked by blaws on Jul 28, 2020
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Self Storage Building 



I have a question regarding a Fire Alarm notification requirements for a three story self-storage building The building has two elevators requiring smoke and heat detectors for elevator recall service.

The building will be fully sprinkled.

Total square footage is 109,000

The building will be open to renters through access control 24/7 and management will only be onsite during working hours.

The electrical engineer has called for only one horn strobe at each elevator landing a total of two devices for each floor which is about 36,000 square feet consisting of seven corroders and over 100 separate storage units per floor.

The owner has submitted this project for Storage and does not want to provide notification for the rest of the space.

The AHJ wants me to note my drawings as meeting NFPA72 for alarm permit and I have a problem doing that because the engineers only want two notification devices per floor which will not come close to meeting a NFPA72 sound level and visual placement design.

I’m interested in some input on this mater .


Brent Laws , SET