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NFPA 13R Expert Required

Question asked by drboblewis on Jul 29, 2020
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NFPA 13R Expert Required

I have a project that requires an expert in the implementation details NFPA 13R compliant water-based fire sprinkler systems installed in the attics of condominiums and apartments. Complying with the requirement that attics having these systems installed be maintained at 40 degrees F or above or apply an insulated tent with heat source is the focus of this project. Virginia Fire Marshals are now looking closely at 13R compliance as climate change begins to impact areas long considered safe from prolonged freezing temperatures. This expert must be familiar with this type of 13R implementation.  Professional standard fees and expenses will be paid and/or negotiated where needed.    


Bernard (Bob) Lewis, PE, PhD

Cell: 703-629-2557