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Sprinkler in Metro Station

Question asked by on Jul 30, 2020

Dear Sirs in NFPA 130 chapter 5 (fire protection System in Stations), is mandatory to install a sprinkler system, in the following rooms, Garbage or trash, Storage areas, concessions areas, or other areas with similar loading.


In my understanding, these areas have in common normally that they are not electrical areas, for examples, HVAC Room (FAN or Tunnel ventilation fan or AHU, ETC)  Room where the main load comes from big electrical equipment, or room where the staff can relax for a couple of hours, or security staff, or supervisor station office no need sprinkler, normally the metro staff are a trained to use a portable extinguisher in an emergency case and normally the biggest load in these rooms are computers and furniture.


Of course that the power supply room or telecom room need to be protected with CAG.


So my question is it mandatory to install a sprinkler system in the areas mentioned before or other room not described in the NFPA 130 chapter 5 article 5.4.4.


Thanks for your opinion


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