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FM200 System - Nozzle Consideration For Multi heights

Question asked by ashikpn on Aug 4, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2020 by bayrammetinn

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Subject : Clean agent system ( FM200 Gas ) Nozzle Location In multi height area of Enclosure 


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Enclosure having multi heights in the FM200 System protected area .major portion of Enclosure area 80% ( Height 5.25 Meter) and Remaining Portion of Enclosure area 20% (Height 6.9 meter) .how the Nozzle installation would be in this condition. 


as per Manufacturer recommendation , if height of enclosure is above 4.9 meter , nozzle to be considered 2 levels  . I Have increased the gas quantity based on Enclosure heights &  not provided additional nozzles for 20% of ceiling area (Height 6.9 meter) as FM200 gas having positive and negative pressure at the time of Discharge stage . 


what my basic question is " shall i consider extra nozzle for 20 % of Ceiling depth "  or  is Enough to consider additional Gas based on Heights . 


Thank You .