Discussion created by trirussell on Aug 4, 2020

I can see how Link can be useful, but I'm not looking for references in the field as a fire AHJ and/or engineer. This would seem to cause more problems than it solves for individuals in the field. It sounds great for working in the office with internet access, but what happens when internet goes down or is acting up? I think Link will be a great asset, but I still would like to be able to have access to PDFs. I also don't like that this is being force upon the industry instead of providing it as an option. The Link would be a great tool to supplement the documents. This will also cause a large amount of issues for exams like the CFPS and PE as well as course work like college and training courses since it will be hard to control what exam takers/students are able to reference, like their notes taken in the documents. Since this will be the main resource going forward I also think it will be hard for users to know what standard is being enforced.

Here is an example: A building is built to NFPA 13, 2013 edition but the fire inspector has the Link out in the field with the most current edition of NFPA 13. The inspector is referencing current requirements for an existing building and writes up the building owner for requirements that aren't applicable to the building. This is easily avoidable in the office, but it is going to be harder to avoiding the field in the heat of the moment. This whole processes doesn't seem to be completely thought out at this point and should have been rolled out as a supplement instead of the main process going forward.