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Factor K for Sprinkler foam-water System

Question asked by mignot on Aug 14, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2020 by jin.k

Hello I would like your opinion about this case please.



According NFPA 13 2019 9.4.4 Sprinklers shall be with minimun nominal K factors of K=5.6.


According NFPA 16 2019 7.6.1 Sprinkler spacing shall not exceed 100 square Feet; NFPA 16 Density shall not be less than 0.16 gpm/ft2.  



if I have 100 ft2 area per sprinkler and density 0.16 gpm/ft2

Q= 100 ft2 x 0.16 gpm/ft2= 16 gpm (required flow rate)


If I have a Sprinkler with K factor= 5.6 and a minimum pressure (P) of 30 psi, then the Flow (Q) is,

Q= K*P^0.5= 5.6*(30^0.5)=30.67 gpm (actual flow rate). This flow rate (30.67 gpm) is about two times the required flow rate (16 gpm).


Is possible to use a sprinkler with K factor less than 5.6?


It is to protect gasoline rail car loading area.


(image for example)