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NFPA 96 -

Question asked by firesafety1 on Aug 18, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2020 by milt.werner

Hi there, I am inquiring about NFPA 96 (2014) for a proposed kitchen exhaust fan to be located on the gable rooftop (A Frame).


Article, states “Fans shall be provided with safe access and a work surface for inspection and testing.”

and further information is then provided in Annex A of this standard under section A., which states the following:


“Both types of fan terminations should be accessible as follows:


  • Rooftop terminations. All roof exhaust fans (whether through the roof or to the roof from outside) should have ready access to all sides from a flat roof surface without a ladder, or they should be provided with safe access via built-in stairs, a walkway, or a portable ladder to a flat work surface on all sides of the fan. (See 7.8.2.)
  • The contractor looking to install the exhaust fan is proposing to install rooftop anchors into the roof with tie off's, as a means of safe access to the exhaust fan. My interpretation is that the fan should be outfitted with a flat work surface or platform. 

Any input would be appreciated.