NFPA 72, NFPA 2001

Discussion created by on Aug 18, 2020

Dear Sirs, in my understanding of NFPA 72, Chapter 24, the Fire Alarm Control Panel can monitor and control the fire suppression system applied to specific areas at the same time that other rooms of the building, for example in a building with Telecommunication room protected with FM200, the same panel that automatically activates the suppression system can monitor the detectors and the rest of the system in the building.


So if in a building I need to protect more than one room with CAG, Can I use the same Fire alarm Control Panel t control all building, or is it mandatory to apply the principle of stand-alone system and install a specific releasing panel for each room plus an independent FACP that monitor each one?


For me in the standard is not mandatory to have Stand Alone System, but please I would to hear about your respectable opinion


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