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Mixing Facility Protection

Question asked by sammilane2828 on Aug 18, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2020 by nocivus

I am designing a fire sprinkler system for a whiskey mixing facility, and was hoping you may be able to provide me with some guidance.


The facility is bringing in 95% pure bulk ethanol in totes to mix down to the whiskey they sell. This will be done in 2,000 gallon distillery storage, mixing and chilling tanks. These tanks will be in a dedicated room with 1 hour fire rated walls and ceiling.


The facility will also have a warehouse to store the finished product and raw ingredients, which include the below:

-Grain Neutral Spirit 190 proof in a rigid plastic 250 gallon IBC

-Aged Whiskey 140 proof in four 55 gallon wooden barrels metal banded together, on a single pallet

-Finished Goods (Whiskey 30 - 100 proof), stored in glass bottles less than or equal to 1 gallon in corrugated boxes up to 24’


I determine all liquids, both stored and in tanks, to be class 1C Flammable liquids per NFPA 30.


I have not been able to determine protection criteria for the 2,000 gallon tanks, rigid plastic 250 gallon IBCs containing class 1C liquid, or the 55 gallon wooden barrels containing distilled spirit(which is specifically excluded form NFPA 30 per Section 9.1.4(7)).


I did find in NFPA 30, 2018, Table 9.4.3 that it is "not permitted" to use the rigid plastic 250 gallon IBCs for class 1C liquid. 


Any direction you may be able to provide me as to where I may find this criteria would be greatly appreciated.