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How many single-user restroom doors have a fire-rating on them?

Question asked by jonb on Aug 19, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2020 by jonb

It does not seem logical that single occupancy restroom doors would need to be fire rated or even fire proof due to the fact these are small rooms with only one entry door. In my research so far I have not encountered any jurisdiction that requires this. It would seem that a person inside the restroom would be intimate with a fire and could easily and quickly escape. It would also seem silly that single occupancy restrooms would be places where anyone would retreat to in the event of a fire somewhere else in the same building. I understand that it is possible fire rated doors could be used on a single occupancy restroom door whether or not it is required by a local building or fire code. Perhaps they are cheaper to buy, perhaps they have a few extra hanging around, there could be many reasons for using a fire rated door when it's not mandatory by law.

What I would like to know is roughly what percentage of all single-user restroom doors in the United States, I realize it's just a guess, might have a fire rating on them? We make a hands-free privacy door lock that contains some plastic parts that will likely not pass a 20 minute fire rating test. Understanding the need for fire rated door hardware for our highly defined sliver of the market is our objective in asking this question.