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Limits of Occupancy Classification for Extraction Rooms (butane process)

Question asked by brasch on Aug 19, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2020 by rfdacm02

Can someone shed some light on the occupancy classification of extraction rooms? Every article I have read narrows it down to a F-1 or H-?. Where I am confused is exactly what kicks in the H occupancy... is a control area considered different than H occupancy if the liquids being used in extraction (butane/etc) are less than Max allowable quantity?


Here is an example... If the facility as a whole is F-1 occupancy and the extraction is an accessory use (less than 10%), and the extraction process uses butane/ethanol and is under the MAQ... Does this extraction room get classified as an H-3, or can it be considered a control area/accessory use and therefore under the F-1 occupancy? 


This has implications of if sprinkling will be required/etc... 


Obviously the local fire authority has the ultimate say and what they will want to see... but currently our community has not determined guidelines and I'm interested to see what other communities are seeing around the US.


Thank you in advance for any insight into this topic.