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subsection of NFPA 38 – Marijuana Growing, Processing, or Extraction Facilities.

Question asked by mtrzcinski on Aug 25, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2020 by chiefns830

The subsection is written as follows: Extraction and post oil processing operations including dispensing of flammable liquids between containers, shall be performed in one of the following locations:

  1. A chemical fume hood in accordance with Chapter 7 of NFPA 45
  2. An approved exhaust system installed in accordance with NFPA 91 or the mechanical code


Per NFPA 70 - subsection 500.5(2), a closed-loop extraction system using flammable liquids would likely need to be installed in a Class 1, Division 2 location.


Does the use of chemical fume hoods above any extraction/ processing operations exempt the space from requiring a Class 1, Division 2 classification? Can this equipment be used in an unclassified space as long as chemical fume hoods are used? Could this extraction/ processing equipment, if not identified for Class 1, Division 2 locations, still be installed in a Class 1, Division 2 space if a fume hood is used?