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Storage Batteries Art - 480

Question asked by glillmar on Aug 31, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2020 by j_w_hines

The question is in Article 480.10 (E) Egress, "rooms designated as battery rooms" do we have a definition of a battery room ? I didn't find one in Art- 480 or in Art -100 . The requirement to have doors that swing in the direction of egress with panic hardware, Is there something to give direction to when this would be applied? we are a local jurisdiction and we are getting permit applications to upgrade batteries at different types of occupancies some smaller battery systems (10 -20) batteries in a room or a cell site with a battery back up system and approximately 50 batteries , is the intent of Article -480 to require this type of egress at any battery storage if it has a door to a room ?

Greg Lillmars

Douglas County Building Division