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Clarification on "Concentrated Business Use" Occupancy

Question asked by bp10 on Sep 2, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2020 by rfdacm02

In a higher education office space built 5/2019, there is a large suite with 6 same safe private offices, as well as open office space in the front and a conference room. The private office spaces are approx. 120 sq. ft. each, and house 1 staff member except for one that has three desks and houses three occupants. I don't think it's considered "Concentrated Business Use" as it's not a call center, trading floor, or anything like that--the department just wanted to fit more people in the suite.


NFPA says "Where furnishings and floor layouts are arranged to maximize the number of occupants in the space, the value for concentrated business use should be applied. Examples of concentrated business use areas are call centers, trading floors, and data processing centers."


I don't believe it's right to have just one office of six coded as "concentrated business use" just because they furnished it with three workstations. Are they allowed to have 3 people in there @ 50 sq ft. per person, or is it really supposed to just have one?